Cherry Top Talent

An Innovative Strategic Talent Acquisition and People Engagement Consultancy

Talent Acquisition

We understand the challenge of attracting quality talent and getting the right candidate hired as quickly as possible.

It’s hard to find someone who takes the time to learn about your business and the market deeply enough to make a comprehensive hiring strategy.

The most frustrating thing is finding the right expertise and fit.

There are plenty of resources available to source candidates but relying on an Applicant Tracking System only works if they’ve been properly set up based on your goals. This takes someone who can ensure proper metrics and provide you with real-time reporting.

Interviewing quality candidates who disappear before an offer can be made is maddening.

Then there’s the lack of quality applicants who pad their resumes or straight up don’t meet the basic job qualifications.

Confusing and inaccurate job descriptions result in zero qualified applicants.

High candidate expectations are just as frustrating. Demands for a higher-than-market salary for the job role, or perks that are unreasonable or out of your budget can be tricky to negotiate.

The last thing you want to do is lose out on a great candidate because negotiations went sour.

The Cherry Top Talent Solution

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CTT combines Human Interaction with Automation to create amazing experiences for anyone engaging in your talent pipeline. We create an effective strategy from initial contact, through all stages of the interview process, completing with either rejection or onboarding. Our market analysis and talent segmentation strategy analyzes your talent pools for each business unit and increases qualified candidates in your overall pool.

Few people understand how to build a customized plan to attract the right candidates…

Anyone can source candidates on LinkedIn for your business, but few people understand how to develop a customized plan to attract and onboard the RIGHT candidates that will grow your business.

I’ll take your company vision and turn it into a diverse, engaged workforce…

I’ll take the vision you have and turn it into a high functioning team of people excited to grow your organization. I’ll take time to get a clear understanding of your values and mission, and ensure that it is the focus of building a diverse and engaged workforce.