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People Engagement

Create teams that are engaged and ready to perform at a high level

Attitudes and tensions in the office can be a killer to a productive office environment.

It’s hard to work in an environment full of tension. Productivity goes down and attitudes go up. Don’t assume a team-building activity is going to fix all the problems of a dysfunctional work environment.

Psychological safety and security is imperative for a high functioning, productive workplace.

Your employees absolutely cannot function in a toxic environment and no amount of forced fun is going to change that. If you want a team that will work for you, you need to provide a safe and empathetic space where everyone can communicate openly.

Retention in sub-optimal working conditions is difficult at best, impossible at worst.

You’ve worked hard, spent a lot of money, and put your trust into hiring the right people to build your company. The last thing you want is to find that your employees are not supportive of one another, and don’t feel comfortable sharing their ideas. They won’t be the ones to try and make changes, they’ll just find another place to work.

Cherry Top Talent develops customized programs to improve your overall organizational wellness through key people engagement drivers.

Black and white image of a group of people working on laptops at a conference table.

Cherry Top Talent’s principal consultant, Sheryl B. Marymount, has worked with multiple Silicon Valley Technology companies over the course of her career and has seen that simply delivering results required by data was not enough. She believes in putting people first and has developed a people engagement framework, to help you retain and optimize your top talent in an evolving environment.

Few people understand that it’s not just about hiring someone to fill a role…

If you want employees that are happy to do their best at work every day, they need to have meaningful and creative work. Engaged leadership builds true team trust and effectively motivates the team.

I’ll take your company vision and translate it into a program that is supportive of people and business goals…

If your vision includes an environment where leadership is continually learning and striving for more, we can help with that. Learning and development that leads to upward mobility and opportunity is one of the keys to building an improved workforce.